What is the cost of freedom?

We Were Liars is a young-adult novel about friendship, love, mental-illness and hope. It was written in 2014 by USA writer, Emily Lockhart.

The main character is Cadence Sinclair. She is very angry, she has no patience, but she is also kind and nice to people she loves the most – her Liars: Jonathan, Mirren, Gat and her. They are coming each summer to her grandpa’s island and these times are the best of their lives.

But one summer something happens and Cadence doesn’t remember what that was. Her mother doesn’t want her to go to the island…In two years, she finally comes back.

But everyone’s weird and she still can’t remember.

What is the cost of freedom and revolution? What can someone’s imagination create? And why are even Liars lying about the previous summer?

I fully recommend this book to everyone who likes to read interesting thoughts about life and happiness.

The book is written in the first person, the storyteller is Cadence by herself. She speaks about the story from her view, so we know only what she knows and nothing else. It is really good choice of narration in this type of story, because the whole book is about Cadence’s searching truth about what has happened and – at the end – finally finding in the same exact moment as Cadence.

For me it is one of best young – adult books I have ever read. There is enough of love and romance, as it is typical for YA books, but it is not like only the sweet couple between rose beds, kissing whole time, it’s mostly about Cadence’s personality, mind and feelings. Also there is some kind of detective atmosphere, which isn’t also in most cases of YA novels a typical thing.

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