They both die at the end

,,Hello, I am sorry to inform you that you will have an untimely death sometime in the next twenty-four hours. And since there is nothing to turn it around, you still have a reason to live. For all of us here at the Hour of Death, I would like to tell you that we are sorry that you are leaving us. But enjoy today to the fullest.“

What would you do if you learned that you would die during the next day?

The main characters from the book “They both die at the end” by the successful author Adam Silvera must also solve this question.

When Matheo’s phone rings just after midnight and he learns that this day will be his last, he suddenly doesn’t know what to do. The quiet and shy Matheo is devastated by the idea that he should leave his seriously ill father in a coma or his best friend who has a small child and has already experienced a lot in her life. But he knows he has one last chance to go out into the world and experience something. Rufus lost his whole family as a child, so he already knows how it works with phones. But that doesn’t make his own phone call any easier. When his phone rings, he’s in the middle of a fight with a guy who’s taken over his girlfriend. Chased by the police, he runs away. Neither of them wants to endanger their friends, nor do they want to be alone on their day of judgment. Even though they don’t know each other, the death sentence has brought them together, so they set out on their last adventure full of fear and sadness, but also friendship and knowledge. Together they try to deal with the inevitable and enjoy their last day to the fullest while getting to know each other but also themselves.

Adam Silvera is a successful American writer of novels for young people, and this book will not disappoint the reader either. He reveals to us a world where people can determine the day of death with its positive as well as negative sides. The book is an excellent reflection of society. He presents to us a cruel reality full of people who are trying to exploit the situation as much as possible, whether they want to buy a couch from you (you won’t need it anyway), or offer you a secret medicine hidden up their sleeves. But it also shows us a lot of amazing people who are willing to spend your last day with you (even if they are not the ones dying), to make it as easy as possible for you and make your last day an amazing experience, even if it can’t have a happy ending. This book was a powerful experience for me and I can definitely highly recommend it.